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Connected Thinking helps brands and companies reach, understand and engage better with their customers.

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Upcoming Speaking and Training Engagements

      • Will facilitate the Asian Bankers’ Retail Banking Leadership Programme 2014 leading training sessions on Social Media, Marketing, Digital and Innovation. in Cape Town – February, 2014 and Shanghai – September , 2014.

Past events

January 2014

      • Presented at an Asian Regional CEO Conference for a large Insurance firm to help them understand the impact of their changing customers’ behaviour on how people buy Insurance, today.  Also provided some visions of the future for financial services and the ingredients required in a modern insurance organisation in order to survive.

October 2013

      • Conducted a Digital Strategy Session for senior bank stakeholders to help them understand the impact of their changing customers’ behaviour and provide some visions of the future of financial services and what ingredients they need for change.

June 2013

      • Moderator at eConsultancy’s Digital Cream Hong Kong  on the topic “eCommerce and Conversion Rate Optimisation”. Digital Cream Hong Kong is a unique moderated roundtable forum for the most senior client-side digital and brand marketers to discuss and explore the latest best practice on emarketing procurement, business cases, investment, ROI and supplier selection.

April 2013

February 2013

January 2013

      • Conducted a Digital Strategy Workshop for senior stakeholders to better understand the impact of their changing customers’ behaviour and create a future business vision and roadmap for change.
      • Facilitated the Asian Bankers’ Retail Banking Leadership Programme in Singapore. Led training sessions on Social Media, Customer Insights, Marketing and Innovation.

November 2012

      • Led a Mobile Marketing Workshop  in Hong Kong.

September 2012

      • Conducted training course on “Digital Marketing Strategy and Campaigning for the Financial Services Sector” in Hong Kong

August 2012

May 2012

      • Speaker at Next Bank Asia 2012 in Singapore.
      • Led a “Mobile Marketing in Practice Masterclass” in Hong Kong.

April 2012

March 2012

November 2011

      • Speaker at The Future of Digital Finance  conference at The Penninsula Hotel, Hong Kong on “Why banks need to be social: Integration and isolation”

October 2011

      • Speaker at the Philippine International Banking Convention in Manila on “Extracting real business benefit from Social Media”.
      • Collaborated with Google Asia to create a Digital Marketing Workshop to educate some Philippines Banks about the opportunities of digital marketing and social media

September 2011

April 2011

      • April 2011: Speaker at the “Asian Banker Summit 2011, at the Conrad Hotel in Hong Kong on “Engaging bank customers in their new World of digital, social, and mobile”.