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We’re doing a road trip this month (19-24 Sept) to Silicon Valley, the home of technology icons such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Paypal and Amazon, which is the best known high-tech park in the world with a mixture of innovation spirit, entrepreneurship and effective funding infrastructure. It’s home to more than 6000 start-ups and attracts 41% of all US venture capital. Over the last few years, FinTech companies like PayPal, Square, Stripe, Simple, Kabbage, Venmo and others started to disrupt how the financial service industry works. By utilising new technologies they are radically re-designing customer expectations towards banks. Financial institutions themselves have reacted with an unprecedented wave of investment in innovation initiatives and in collaboration with start-ups.

We’re excited to announce The Asian Banker Silicon Valley Innovation Tour 2016. Matt Dooley, will host a  five-day program for senior bankers to discuss the latest trends in financial services, focusing on the future of the industry and getting to know new technologies and ideas geared towards meeting your business needs. Through the site visits and discussions with the brightest minds in the Bay area, participants of this program from developing countries around the world will find insights and inspiration how to use this innovative power and creative talent in their respective institutions.

The Asian Banker Silicon Valley Innovation Tour 2016 includes site visits in Palo Alto as well as in San Francisco, to companies with unique, cutting edge business models and insights, to bank innovation labs, successful FinTech firms and native digital enterprises. A key feature of the Tour is that we facilitate dialogue with leading players in the local and international banking industry as well as with the Valley’s leading experts, innovators and investors. These first hand experiences and insights will help your bank to keep abreast of banking innovation.

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